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Psychotherapy and Counselling Courses

Our psychotherapy training, on a wide range of key subjects such as Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and Anger management, is the ideal way to increase your effectiveness and further your professional development:

Suitable for all

Our courses are presented in clear language without jargon, so as well as being perfect for CPD training for a wide range of professions, they are also suitable for the interested general public or anyone wishing to embark on a career in psychotherapy or counselling.


Count towards a Diploma
As you attend more and more of our training, you will soon build up a powerful toolbox of skills and knowledge – but that's not all, our training days also form part of the highly-regarded Human Givens Diploma.


Core Diplma subject   Look out for this logo on individual course pages (and below) to see which courses are Core Diploma-linked Subjects.
'Free choice' subject   The remaining one-day courses can all count as 'Free Choice' subjects for Part 1 of the Diploma.


One-day Courses
Diploma-linked Courses


Online Courses
HG. Dip. CPD Courses
NEW Delving Deeper Courses

All of our training days are complete stand-alone courses in themselves, but they also count towards the Human Givens Diploma – some as core diploma subjects, others as optional free choice subjects.

  One-day Courses
(All count as Diploma Free Choice Subjects)
> NEW Building a Thriving Therapy Practice
> NEW Working with your clients' religious beliefs – an essential course for anyone
in the caring professions
> NEW How to Control Severe Anxiety
– the practical skills you need
> NEW Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– understanding OCD and how best to treat it
> NEW Effective Pain Management
– Understanding pain and accelerating healing through the bio-psycho-social model
> Anxiety and Learning:
How to boost students' abilities
> Couples Therapy – a practical masterclass


> From Self-Harm ... to Self-Belief More
> How to work effectively with Troubled
and Troublesome Teenagers
> The Mind-Body Connection:
How to help people improve their mental
physical health
> Understanding and Improving Children's
Difficult Behaviour


> Workplace Stress – the real causes
and what you can do about them



  NEW Delving Deeper Courses
> NEW Fear and political chaos:
How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs

> Exploring consciousness:
Mind-expanding journey through the fundamental questions of our time



  One- and Two-day Courses
(Core Diploma Subjects)
> How to Make Counselling more Effective Online Course
> Effective Brief Psychotherapy More

Online version also available

> How to Break the Cycle of Depression
Online Course
> How to Lift Depression
– the practical skills you need
> From Stress to Psychosis:
how to prevent mental illness
Online Course
> How to Tell Stories that Heal
– a masterclass in therapeutic storytelling


> Tackling Addiction: Understanding and
Treating all types of Compulsive Behaviour
Online Course
> Brief Therapy for Stopping Addictions
– a practical skills-based day
> Effective Anger Management Online Course
> Understanding Anxiety and Managing it
without Drugs
> The Therapeutic Power of Language
– a brief therapy masterclass
> Guided Imagery and Visualisation for
Therapeutic Change

> The Fast Trauma (PTSD) and Phobia Cure



  CPD Courses for HG.Dip. Graduates
> Creative ways to rewind trauma
More info
> Watching HG therapy in action
More info
> HG Supervision Course
More details


  In-house training  
  All of our courses, including the additional one listed below, are
available for in-house training. Click here to find out more.
> Treating context-blindness   More
> Think Straight – Communicate!   More
> Demystifying Feelings:
New ways to help people understand,
change and manage their feelings


> How to Create and use Stories that Help Emotionally Distressed Children   More


  Online Courses  

The launch of our online courses means more people worldwide now have access to our ground-breaking training about the best ways to overcome a wide range of mental health and behavioural problems.

You can now take 7 of our core diploma-linked 1-day courses online View online courses here

To find out more about our online 'Delving Deeper with Human Givens' course, please visit: www.hgdelvingdeeper.com




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