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Core Diploma subjectHow to lift depression
– the practical skills you need

A one-day course with tutor: Denise Winn

What you will gain from the day:

  • Greater confidence in lifting depression and preventing suicides
  • New insight into why depressed people wake up tired and unmotivated, and what to do about it
  • Demonstrations of the skills that quickly break the cycle of depression, move people on — and prevent relapse
  • A profound understanding of why these work and are a big improvement on drug therapy (research shows that appropriate counselling is the most effective way to lift even the most severe depression, and has a much lower rate of relapse)
  • Practice sessions in using the skills and techniques yourself
  • A range of useful tips and strategies
  • The opportunity to discuss depression with one of the country's experts on the subject
  • New insight into the dissociative elements of depressive lifestyles
  • Techniques for tackling rigid thinking and negative expectancy, and the pessimistic rumination that causes depression
  • Course notes and much more

Who should attend?

  • Since depression is now so common, all health and welfare professionals need to understand it and know how to treat it
  • If your life is affected by depression in anyway – perhaps the staff or students you are responsible for at work present with depression, or a friend or family member is depressed – you should attend
  • Anyone who wishes to prevent relapses should attend
  • If you are curious about how the treatment outcomes of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) approaches can be improved by bringing them into line with the new findings from brain research, you should attend
  • Anyone who is concerned about the side effects of drug treatments for depression and would like to know about the easy-to-learn psychotherapeutic techniques that can lift depression quickly should also attend
  • If you would like to better understand the causes of depression and be able to offer practical help to people who are depressed, for whatever reason, personal or professional, you should attend


Course Programme

This practical training day caused a sensation when it was featured on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind. Depression is now so common that all health professionals need to know how to lift it – especially as it can lead to suicide. This workshop has saved lives.

Until recently, depression was little understood, but now you can absorb the
easy-to-learn psychological techniques that lift it quickly ... even in the severest cases. Antidepressants (though dangerous) can play a role in reducing symptoms, but research shows that appropriate counselling is the most effective way to lift even the most severe depression, and has a much lower rate of relapse.

The 'How to lift depression – the practical skills you need' course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.30pm.

The day's agenda

Registration: 8.30am to 9.30am (Tea or coffee served until 9.25am)

9.30am – Why people get depressed and what you can do about it

  • Understanding the cycle of depression and why it is not a biological illness
  • The role of drugs in treatment
  • Why men and women depress in different ways – what this means for treatment approaches
  • The emotional brain and black and white thinking
  • How to make sure your therapy is active, time limited and focused on current problems
  • How to resolve symptoms quickly
  • How to reframe thoughts of suicide
  • Challenging negative thinking in yourself and your clients: exercise

11.00am — Discussion over tea/coffee

11.30am – How to distinguish between process and content

  • Building rapport quickly with a depressed person
  • Solution focused history taking
  • Separating the process from the content: exercise
  • When working with depressed people it is essential that you do not get mesmerised by their story and the abstract language they use (otherwise they can depress you!)
  • How to protect yourself against this happening: exercise
  • How to clarify the sufferer’s attributional style and change it: exercise
  • FILM of brief therapy with suicidal patient

1.00pm — Lunch (included)

2.00pm – The two most important questions to ask

  • Changing brain patterns
  • How to find out what new understanding or skills a person needs to move on with their life
  • How to teach them those skills or provide a context where they can learn them. Setting behavioural tasks: exercise

3.00pm — Discussion over tea/coffee

3.30pm – Making sure the therapy is working

  • How to make sure patients don’t drop out of therapy prematurely and keep coming back for each session until they are out of their depression Imaginative focus to change behaviour
  • Working with postpartum (postnatal) depression
  • Discussion and opportunity for questions

4.30pm — Day ends

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How to lift depression – the practical skills you need

Tuesday 17th November 2015                     Dublin

How to lift depression

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Thursday 10th December 2015                   London

How to lift depression

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