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Julia WelsteadJulia Welstead

Julia is a lively and enthusiastic tutor who uses the HG framework to explain and discuss workplace stress, enriching the day with examples from a wide range of workplace situations, as well as from her own richly varied career path.

Currently a human givens practitioner with a private practice in Edinburgh, Julia also runs HG based mental health at work training days for companies and organisations.

Julia trained and worked as an NHS staff nurse, before taking a degree in Biology and working in environmental research. While raising her family Julia worked in retail, both as staff and as sole owner/trader, ran a sheep farm, trained horses, was a weekly columnist for The Scotsman national newspaper, and wrote, published and distributed books.

Throughout her working life, Julia has witnessed the ill effects of workplace stress on staff, managers and customers alike, within all of these varied arenas, which is why she is keen to help people to understand the causes, symptoms and consequences of stress and to teach how this debilitating condition can be avoided, combated and overcome.

Julia is also a regular host on our series of educational webinars.


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