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Human Givens Business Accreditation

for Leaders, Managers and Coaches (HGBA)

Toxic work environments, futile initiatives, emotionally-fraught people and frustrated management all signal that a new approach to running businesses and organisations is needed – something that offers more than just one piece of the puzzle.

Over recent years, Human Givens College graduates have translated and applied our approach, with all its insights and models, to business organisations – with extraordinary results. Now you can too with the Human Givens Business Accreditation (HGBA)… Download the brochure now.

Join us on the first HG residential course to learn how to transform people, teams and organisations using human givens organising ideas and methods.

HG Business Accredition brochure View the brochure for full programme details.

Download the brochure

N.B. There are limited places available – please send us your applications as soon as possible to begin the process of securing your place. Download application form here.

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Why we need people like you in organisations

The health of a business is the sum of its parts – and we have all seen what happens when people, and their needs, do not have the same priority as the bottom line. The culture is toxic, relationships sour, people are highly-stressed and lack development, and change initiatives generate fear, anxiety and low employee morale.

All of which lead to poor performance and poor health – of the organisation as a whole – and its people.

When an organisation does have a healthy dynamic, it is mature and intelligent in its approach. It has a learning culture and its leaders and managers (at least) understand people’s behaviour, their motivations and how to help meet the innate emotional needs of their staff so that they, and the organisation, can thrive.

Technological advancements in the workplace can only take us so far – what we need now is emotional dexterity, greater intelligence and more wisdom to sustainably evolve and progress our organisations…

And we need people like you to take these larger organising ideas into businesses, charitable foundations and public sector institutions.

More than one piece of the puzzle

Human givens psychology offers the organising ideas, skills and a straightforward system to raise group intelligence and improve performance.

The human givens approach is a bio-psycho-social paradigm – which is vitally important as it means that it can be applied at a micro or macro level.

So whether you are directing the overall strategy of a business, selling to customers, or concerned with an individual’s health and welfare – the principles are the same.

This approach provides departments a jargon-free, common language and framework to work together in an organic way for the progress of the whole organisation.

Tried-and-tested in fields such as diplomacy, education, psychotherapy and business, the skills and knowledge you will learn on the HGBA give you a solid foundation to make an impact in the world of business or create meaningful progress in your organisation.

Download the brochure

Use the button above to download a brochure containing full details – what the course covers, dates, venue, fees, application form etc.

Alternatively, you can contact the College Registrar Mark Thomas on:
+44(1273) 811690 – or email:
– to request a printed copy.

Course dates

The course is residential – in a stunning venue located in the Cotswolds – and consists of 7 full days' training. Accommodation and dinner for the previous evening are also included.

NEXT COURSE – dates to be announced soon

NB. There are limited places available – please send us your applications as soon as possible to begin the process of securing your place. Download application form here

Download the brochure


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