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Reviews for
Core Diploma subjectEffective brief psychotherapy
– make a difference today!

A one-day course with tutor: Renée Van Der Vloodt

“What an inspirational and motivated day. Makes so much sense.”

“I was so impressed to see how much can be achieved in one session of therapy.” Case Manager/Registered Nurse

“Excellent day, very informative.  Came away with new ideas, new tools and new directions.  Helped me with some stuck clients.”

“Brilliant! I can honestly say I learnt more today than on my 8-week counselling course.” Children's and Families Officer, Social Services

“It was all very useful and informative, but particularly seeing the film of a therapy session where the stages of the process were identified on screen.” Teacher

“Great day, thank you.  Very down to earth approach – it demystified some areas of therapy I thought were very complicated.”
Charity Programme Manager

“Great, practical ideas to use with people – no jargon.” Social Worker

“Another fantastic HG course – thank you.  Some of the best training I have been on.” Outreach Project Worker

“Thoroughly enjoyable – a much needed common sense approach to helping people.” School Counsellor

“I always have such a great time at these courses – I feel nourished, enlightened and so motivated.” Customer Services Manager

“A very enjoyable day presented in a knowledgeable and engaging way – thank you.” Educational Psychologist

“Very helpful – as I progress with the Diploma I continue to be amazed by the integrity of HG as an organising idea – and the simplicity of it.  Looking forward to improving my skills further.” Occupational Therapist

“Today’s lecture was enlightening!  I have benefited professionally and personally – many thanks.” Carer

“A very enjoyable day.  I got exactly what I came for, thank you.”

“Good to learn about a method that is so positive. And how to achieve appropriate results in a short space of time." Teacher

“Answered many of my questions regarding why I’ve felt that ‘normal’ counselling doesn’t work.” IT Consultant

“A really clear run through the key elements of the human givens approach.  Interesting to see the videos of practice and hear case stories.”
Local Government Manager

“Very enjoyable, enlightening day.  The first day of my new training to be a psychotherapist. Thank you.” School Administrator

“’Humanistic’ but based in real science.” Mental Health Nurse

“The Human Givens approach is quick and a wonderful tool to contribute towards mental health for very many professions.  It also allows for personal approaches and is not dogmatic." 
Art Education Consultant

“Excellent day – I will definitely use the techniques learnt in my role at work.” Occupational Health Nurse

“Very well structured and organised.” Teacher

“The video case studies were very useful visual, practical examples.” Editorial Worker

“All information highly useful. Can't fault it.” Therapeutic Inclusion Worker

“A very well presented subject – I appreciated the honesty and simplicity of the methods used.” Nurse

“Great tutor, keeping up a good pace whilst working with our questions and issues.” Hypnotherapist

“Very informative – the day provided a really comprehensive overview of how to be effective. And the handbook and slides complemented each other very well.” Teacher

“So many good examples of experience and the tutor was very open to discussion, which was great.” Interested full-time Mother

“Easy to use techniques which have boosted my confidence.”
Occupational Therapist

“ ’Real’ therapeutic approaches underpinned by solid scientific theory – a very valuable ‘Tool Kit’ has been built up!” Headteacher

“Another profoundly useful day of training.” Psychotherapist