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How to Build a Successful Private Practice

A NEW one-day course with tutor: Jennifer Broadley

About the course:

Being a talented and skilled counsellor and therapist is not directly related to you being able to fill your practice with clients. Simple and effective business and marketing skills are the key along with time-saving devices so that you can focus more on the revenue-generating part of your business, which is working with clients.

Great therapy has never been so in demand. Having your style of counselling (whether Human Givens or any other) stand out, is about knowing how quickly and effectively you can guide a client through their changes to reach where they want to be. And then using that story (throughout all of your marketing) to encourage others to contact you to get the same results.

Jennifer Broadley has been a qualified and practicing Human Givens Therapist for nearly 5 years. She has been in business for herself for over 15 years and brings the ups and downs of that – both personal and professional stories – to life in this practical and motivating day.

Jennifer built her business, Healthy Chat, from no clients to full practice within 2 years. She has tried-and-tested marketing strategies and will share with you the ones that have worked for her and the ones that haven’t (saving you from spending money unnecessarily). She is fully transparent with her client numbers, systems and finances so that you will leave the course clear about whether a full-time or part-time therapy practice is for you.

What you will gain from attending:

  • A clear system for how to start up or further grow your counselling / therapy practice
  • Confidence to take on your first client(s) or increase your client intake until you have a full practice
  • Essential actions to take when starting your practice from scratch
  • An understanding of what is worth spending money on and what is not
  • Tools to ensure clients easily find you, trust that you can help, and then book sessions with you
  • Clarity about how long to work with a client – average timings and outliers (for stress, trauma, panic attacks, relationships, etc); when to keep a client and when to let a client go
  • Key information that will help you decide how much to charge and when/whether to be flexible
  • Time-saving methods for client management: intake, treatment, ending well & future follow up
  • How to manage yourself as a business owner – when to work hard, when to take time out
  • How to make your therapy practice fit in with the lifestyle you want to live – and what to do to avoid becoming overwhelmed
  • When (or whether) to let go of your full or part-time work and shift to letting your counselling practice support you financially
  • How to get your 9 emotional needs met while working for yourself
  • How to define your ideal client(s) and where to find them
  • Protocols for working with children (and ways to keep their parents in the loop without breaking confidentiality)
  • Practicalities: taking payments, tracking your numbers, meeting your targets, turnover v’s net income, paying VAT (or not), paying tax,
    chasing non-payments
  • Creating a healthy, open attitude and language around money
    and finances
  • How to set up your therapy practice to be financially successful
  • Course notes, CPD Certificate and more...

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to set up a private therapy or counselling practice
  • Anyone who is already in private practice and wants to increase their client numbers, work less and earn more
  • Anyone who is presently in full or part time salaried work and is considering moving to self employment or entrepreneurialism

Course Agenda

The How to Build a Successful Private Practice course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

The day's agenda

Registration: 8.30am to 9.30am (Tea or coffee served until 9.25am)

9.30am – A context for the demand for Human Givens Therapy

  • What’s available for private mental health treatment in the UK
  • What are your clients looking for in a therapist / counselling practice
  • The process clients go through before they find you
  • How to manage client expectations
  • Whether to set up on your own or in a collaborative
  • Working from home or hiring a room / practice
  • Business Owner Mindset – how this differs from a salaried job
  • How to maintain life balance with a full practice (whether that’s 1 or 5 days per week)
  • How to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with equal confidence – to clients, collaborators, business partners – to ensure you retain a business you want to work in
  • Refining your brand to stay relevant amongst competitors and to stay inspired and motivated as a therapist

11.00am — Discussion over tea/coffee

11.30am – Private Practice Design

  • How to design a private practice to suit your lifestyle
  • Essential legal requirements before taking on therapy clients: insurances, qualifications, CPD, supervision, bookkeeping, taxes
  • Taking on your first client
  • Money and targets: how much do you want/need to earn and how that then translates into client hours and fees
  • Setting weekly, monthly and annual targets and defining strategies for achieving and maintaining them
  • Fee-generating business hours – how many per week
  • Non-fee generating business hours – how many per week
  • What to charge for a session and when / whether to be flexible
  • How to use confident, clear language around money and fees – and asking for what your product / service is worth

1.00pm — Lunch break

1.45pm – Marketing your practice

  • How to define your ideal client
  • Ensuring your ideal clients will find you
  • Where are the best places to advertise / be visible - online and offline
  • Marketing platforms:
    - What is worth spending money on / investing in
    - What is not worth spending time / money on
  • How to market your private practice so you stand out from other therapy brands / types
  • How to use language that your clients will resonate with

2.45pm — Discussion over tea/coffee

3.00pm – Effective Therapy Sessions & Client Follow up

  • Pragmatic Tracker: client intake, measuring change and client follow up
  • How to time the ideal session: 60-90 minutes – what works best for you
  • How many sessions to schedule per day/week / month to remain effective (for your clients and for yourself)
  • How to track therapeutic change and communicate that to your client(s)
  • How to end well with a client and what to ask them for to create a strong, easy flow of future clients
  • Questions & general discussion

4.00pm — Day ends


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How to Build a Successful Private Practice


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