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Free choice subjectUnderstanding and improving children's difficult behaviour

A one-day course with tutor: Miriam Chachamu

“Very inspiring – I can see how this will be really helpful in my work and help me improve the way I deal with a child or their parents to get more positive results.”
Residential Worker

“Really glad I came today. Great new skills and helpful insights which I can take away and use straight away. Particularly liked the section on anger outbursts – that's going to be very useful. ”

"I came on this course because I've been having such dreadful times with my teenager daughter – and at last I've been given real hope that things can improve as well as some concrete, realistic ways to go about it. Today also really helped me understand better where my daughter's behaviour is coming from and how I can best help her. Thank you very much."

“So useful to have a thorough grasp of which innate needs are essential for emotional health and the fact that children will attempt to get these needs met in whichever ways are open to them – a huge insight into the drivers behind behaviour. And I loved the language skills for improving outcomes. ”

“A really useful day. The demonstration was especially useful and interesting. I also liked the way Miriam provided examples to illustrate all the techniques/points she was making.”
HG Therapist / Reflexologist

“Thank you! Today has given me a much better insight into how kids behave and why – and I feel much more confident about dealing with the difficult situations I often have to face at work now.”

"The demonstrations of reflective listening with children, looking at events from a child’s perspective and relating everything to a child’s needs – and not blaming – were particularly useful. A great day, thank you.”
Psychotherapist (HG)

“This has given me a wealth of information and skills – I particularly liked the anger mountain idea. Miriam really knows her subject.”

“As usual a great day with helpful and informative course materials that effectively back up the main ideas discussed and presented.”

“There was lots covered that I will use in my work – eg. how to praise appropriately; building resilience was also very useful. And how to de-escalate or avoid anger outbursts. This will be very helpful in working with young people or with those who have children”
Probation Officer

“All of it was useful, but the exercises we did really made me think! Very relevant to all the children in one’s life whether they are 8 or 80!”
Physiotherapist and HG Graduate

“I've read Miriam's excellent book but this brought it all to life more clearly for me. It was great to see some of the skills demonstrated and to practise ourselves. I also appreciated being able to talk to her about some of the behavioural problems I have to deal with.”
Foster carer

“A really helpful day – I found the section on how children perceive what we say to them a real eye-opener and will now be much more careful with the language I use!”
Outreach Worker