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Creative ways to rewind trauma
New ideas for adapting the rewind technique for children, young people and more challenging clients

One-day CPD training with tutor: Jo Ham 

Why this course is important

The rewind technique, as taught by Human Givens College, is the most reliably successful psychological treatment available for removing even the severest phobias and detraumatising people and one of the most important skills you need when working with any anxiety disorder.

As you become more experienced and encounter a wider range of patients you may find it immensely useful to add some refinements to the tools in your toolbox, the mental equivalent of adding specialist surgical implements.

This lively and interactive workshop is specially designed for experienced qualified HG therapists already using the HG approach to lifting trauma symptoms who are looking for some creative techniques to help them feel more confident when adapting the rewind technique to use with children and young people, or when working with more challenging clients who can, for a variety of reasons, be harder to treat.

If you have already brought relief to lots of clients using the rewind technique – here is your chance to spread the benefits even further.

What you will gain from attending:

  • Increased understanding of why different approaches to the rewind technique are sometimes needed
  • Greater confidence when detraumatising more challenging patients, such as those unable to work with their eyes closed
  • A chance to discuss and share experiences of alternative ways of working with trauma and phobias
  • Creative ways to use rewind with children and young people – and the essential components you must include when adapting it yourself
  • New ways of clearly explaining traumatic and phobic responses to children and adults
  • The chance to practise each stage of a creative new technique
  • Effective ways to deal with emotional outbursts – being prepared for the unexpected
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to share experiences
  • A supportive forum to practise, under careful guidance, the various stages of alternative rewind techniques yourself so that you can be confident that you can practise safely
  • CPD Certificate and more...



Who can attend?

  • This course is for those qualified with Part II and/or Part III of the HG Diploma who are therefore experienced in using the rewind technique to help traumatised people – including those who work with children, people on the autistic spectrum, or those prone to psychotic episodes.

    This course is a useful addition to your continual professional development (CPD) programme.

Course Programme

This one-day workshop involves a blend of talks, demonstrations, skill-developing exercises, practice sessions (under careful guidance). There is also plenty of opportunity for sharing of experiences, networking and discussion.

'Creative ways to rewind trauma' counselling course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

The day's programme

Registration: 9.00am to 9.30am (Tea or coffee served until 9.25am)

9.30am – Explaining trauma and phobic responses to patients

  • Why some people develop PTSD and others don’t
  • New ways to present simple brain science that both children and adults can grasp
  • The role of the amygdala in keeping us safe – and how to explain this to clients
  • The three essential steps involved in an effective rewind – sharing of experiences

11.00am – discussion over tea/coffee

11.30am – Examples of using alternative approaches

  • Why different approaches to rewind are sometimes necessary – case studies
  • Dealing with emotional outbursts – short exercise and discussion
  • Different ways of doing rewind with adults: more case studies
  • How to find appropriate metaphors for recovery

1.00pm – Lunch (included)

1.45pm – Working with traumatised children and young people

  • What children can bring to their therapy
  • Some limitations and opportunities to think about
  • Case studies and exploration of different approaches
  • Demonstration of a physical rewind

2.45pm – discussion over tea/coffee

3.00pm – Choose an approach and practise!

3.45pm – Discussion and opportunity for questions

4.00pm – Day ends

If you are interested in attending this workshop,
please contact us – we currently have
a waiting list and will set another date
as soon as possible

To book by phone call 01323 811690.
Alternatively, you can download an application form and email or post it to:
Email: info@hgcollege.net
Post: Human Givens College, Chalvington, East Sussex, BN27 3TD.

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