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Fear and political chaos:
How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs

An online course with John Bell and Ivan Tyrrell

This hugely popular course is now online
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Delving Deeper: Fear and political chaos  - online training course

Delving Deeper:
Fear and political chaos

How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs

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Run in association with The Concilliators Guild, this course focuses on how to improve politics by involving greater understanding of psychology in domestic and international relations.

You will learn about the prevalent assumptions in our culture that hinder policymaking, as well as the underlying emotional dynamics driving political behaviour.

The course provides you with the most accurate explanations available to date about the root causes of radicalization, the refugee crisis and the growth of authoritarianism, using the Middle East as the primary case study. Attendees will leave the workshop with more effective tools for conflict prevention and resolution in these critical times...

A new direction …

Waves of unease are sweeping the world. Our political life is reeling. The rise of ISIS, intractable disputes like the civil war in Syria, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Turkish Kurd war and the looming dangers from Africa, America, Asia and the Far East are volcanic and affect us all.

But we are so conditioned that we resort to the same old habits to address these matters: exerting financial or military power; exhibiting paranoia towards outsiders or adopting technological solutions as if they were panaceas. Experience tells us, however, with our track record of political failure in peace making and fighting corruption, that we are most likely looking in the wrong direction.


The reason dire problems remain unresolved and continue to grow more complex is because we are not directing our attention to the main cause they arise from: the ignorance and mismanagement of basic human needs in society, especially those related to our natural emotional states.

Changing economics, political structures or power balances will not curb the cruel violence or spread of terrorist actions whilst the people operating in those systems remain greedy, needy, and opportunistic.

More than ever before, anyone trying to help the refugees and traumatised victims of corruption and war, needs a greater understanding of the fundamental unit of society: the human being. What lies behind our political and social problems are innate human motivations and needs. And these are also where solutions are to be found. To think otherwise is a tragic misdiagnosis.

This workshop is dedicated to developing a process of long-term education about how to improve politics by involving greater psychological understanding in domestic and international relations: the only source of hope for the future.

“This new paradigm [human givens] is the perfect antidote to many dilemmas facing diplomats today. Much else has been tried and failed. It's time to meet people's needs before they fall into the hands of extremists."

Michael Bell, former Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Israel and Jordan

What you will gain from attending:

  • Increased awareness of what war, terrorism and bullying reveal about the human psyche
  • Deeper insight into the causes of the refugee crisis
  • Improved results in dealing with radicalization, policy development, and conflict resolution in these critical times
  • A greater ability to see through political and cultural assumptions and recognise the underlying emotional dynamics driving behaviour
  • Greater effectiveness at conflict resolution in any situation

“I can attest to the ‘Human Givens’ approach. Unless the ‘givens’ are listened to and respected, you cannot truly help others… this approach is universally applicable.”

James Larocco, former Head of Multinational Forces of Observers, Sinai, and former American Ambassador to Kuwait


Who should attend?

  • Diplomats, policy makers and international negotiators
  • Anyone interested in the current Middle East situation
  • Police, legal and other professionals
  • Educators
  • Individuals and groups working with refugees
  • Anyone with an interest for personal reasons


The programme

What Middle Eastern wars reveal about us

  • A brief history of The Middle East’s last 150 years
  • The biological drives of autocratic rule
  • How this is affecting your life in the West – everything interconnects
  • Corruption and power – what are we really like
  • The impact of IT and social media on our ability to think intelligently

Why our culture determines mental and emotional states

  • The role of religion and secularism in our politics
  • Why conflicts seem intractable and how they can be addressed
  • The innate needs of victims and perpetrators
  • Conditioning and mass hypnosis
  • High emotional arousal makes us stupid
  • Q & A session on the morning’s work

How to create lives that work for everyone

  • The movers and shakers who can make a beneficent difference
  • Cases of success in conflict resolution
  • The role of women and of families
  • Diplomacy, education and trade

The missing peace – a practical exercise in diplomacy

  • A group exercise with particular reference to the Middle East, followed by a discussion

This course is now available online

Delving Deeper: Fear and political chaos  - online training course

Delving Deeper:
Fear and political chaos

How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs

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