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Core Diploma subject The Therapeutic Power
of Language

– a practical brief therapy masterclass


A 2-day course with tutor: Denise Winn or Véronique Chown

“So many practical ways of engaging and drawing out even the most recalcitrant client – thanks for a great two days.”   Counsellor / Volunteer

“The wonderful, intensive overview and practise of language skills was very effective and has given me a new impetus to use and practise these more consciously.”   Lecturer

“Very practical and focused – immediately applicable. I’ll be using this in my work from tomorrow!”  Psychotherapist

“Very relevant to lots of life activities at the moment as well as patients.
So relevant to what I do – very practical directions for the consultation.”
General Practitioner

“So many brilliant tips and techniques that I can use to explore ‘positively’ my client’s problems (eg solution-focused and reframing).  I really enjoyed the time we have spent practising these skills.”
Support Worker – Women’s Refuge

“Relevant and truthful – both to life and work”
University Lecturer

“One of the most valuable courses I have attended.  Some excellent, practical guidance to support therapy sessions.  And I am leaving with a clear idea of how I can meaningfully incorporate presuppositions, truism-linked suggestions into my client consultations.”
Business Consultant

“Véronique combined all the elements of good therapy in an easy-to-understand way – an extremely useful course, so much to take away.”
Family Worker

“Thank you for a very informative two days, they will stay with me for a long time.”  Teacher

‘A really encouraging and confidence-building course.  Lots of great tips which will be useful in practice.”
GP / Health Team Leader for charity

“It was fantastic.  Very helpful to know these fundamental brief therapy skills and particularly the language skills – very impressive and encouraging.”
Arts Education Consultant

“The examples given are rich and very helpful to the learning process.  Some of the stories were phenomenal”
Business Coach and Facilitator

“Very natural approach which was refreshing as it utilises everyday skills.”

“A real confidence builder in preparation to starting the journey towards becoming a therapist. Thoroughly enlightening, both personally and in terms of understanding others.” Operations Manager

“`It was all very useful, but I particularly enjoyed the practical sessions where we were able to translate theory into practise.”

“The course is very ‘human’ in its approach – and I've learnt so many new skills.” Housewife (training to be a counsellor)

“It has given me a further and better understanding of how to use language in a therapeutic manner.”  SEN Teaching Assistant

“All the information is useful and was relevant.  The conversational techniques and language skills were helpful, especially suggestions in deep relaxation.”  Student / Retail Worker

“I loved the fact that the course was so interactive and that people were able to ask questions and make comments as we went along.  Hearing all the case studies was really useful and interesting too.”

NB This course was previously called:
'Effective brief therapy strategies and language skills'