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Reviews for
Core Diploma subject How to lift depression
– the practical skills you need

A one-day course with tutor: Denise Winn

"Everyone, not just the caring professions, should do this day."
General Practitioner

“Excellent and engaging. Complex ideas packaged very clearly and really useful techniques to take away for my work.”
University Mentor

“I didn’t think learning about depression would be so enjoyable!”
Community Wellbeing Worker

"Wonderful training. I work with university students who often come in with problems like depression – this has given me such useful, clear information – I now have the understanding and techniques to be able to offer practical help with what I deal with regularly, thank you."
Health Advisor

"Thank you – I know I'm going away from today with life-saving skills."
Mental Health Nurse

“I have worked in a community team for a good number of years, but I've learned far more today than on other training courses I have attended. Found the day really informative and it will definitely enhance my practice.”
Support Worker Home Treatment NHS

“Immensely helpful. Such a neat understanding supported with rich examples and facts ... all held together with a clear route to diagnosis and treatment plus the therapeutic skills needed to bring about the best outcome for the patient.”  Carer

"I've been looking for an effective way to treat depression for years – and now finally here it is!"  Occupational Therapist

“Totally absorbing. Confirmed my disquiet about the medical model of depression."
Consultant Psychiatrist

“All the information about excessive REM sleep and how it links with depression is so interesting. I love the Human Givens approach – so useful for myself as well as how I interact with work colleagues, patients and family. Thanks for yet another great day's training.”
Occupational Therapist

"Very useful and practical day – brought a lot of strands from different days together. Very interesting information on sleep, insomnia and the biology of neurophysiology"
GP/Young Person’s Charity Health Leader

“The information about how depression may present in adolescents was very useful to me as I work in a secondary school."
Teaching Assistant and Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

“Today has been invaluable. My understanding of depression has soared and I can already see how helpful this is going to be in my work."
Youth Worker

"The new material on bipolar and postpartum depression was first class! The style and use of case studies did not disappoint and have triggered ways of helping my students and clients by giving me the ‘breathing space’ I needed, through listening to a valuable presentation. ”
Lecturer / Trainer and Psychotherapist

“Really inspiring – thank you.”
Children’s Service Officer

“This has been the clearest explanation of the causes and symptoms of depression I've heard – it makes perfect sense and I can immediately see how my clients will benefit."
Counselling Psychologist

“The power of guided imagery was impressive and something that would be useful for me to explore. The course was well set out and conducive to learning – totally absorbing and enjoyable.”
Student Mentor

“This was my second course with HG and I am very taken by its commonsense approach.  Can definitely see its huge potential for use in my profession and will continue attending other workshops/sessions.”
Occupational Therapist

“A very helpful and informative day, delivered in an engaging and humourous way.”  Priest

“The framework of the information is strong and evidence-based which appeals greatly.”   Psychotherapist

“I had very interesting insights today on issues that I have been dealing with for some time.  I have read from books and I was familiar with the HG ideas, but the training day highlighted the points and made things clearer.
We all need this knowledge very much, even if we are not therapists.  Knowledge brings clarity.”
Fine Artist

“The interpersonal, cognitive and behavioural techniques needed to lift depression were very useful and are brilliant tools to help me work more effectively with my clients. Also embedding further the use of guided imagery. A great practical day.“   HLTA Behaviour

“Why didn't I learn about this on my counselling course?! At last I finally have a handle on depression and how to treat it – can't thank you all enough.”  Counsellor