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Core Diploma subjectHow to make counselling
more effective

A one-day course with: Denise Winn
>> Online version also available

“Best course I've attended in ages.”   Child Protection Officer

“Full of practical ideas I can actually use! Thank you.”
Educational Psychologist

“Immensely useful and relevant to my work – great knowledge.”
General Practitioner

“One of the most interesting and practical seminars that I have attended.”

“Human Givens is a refreshing new concept to me.  I am very excited by the approach and all that I have heard today.”  Director of Commissioning

“Loved your sense of humour!  Always remember stuff better when a laugh (or two) is involved!"  Teacher

“An excellent day, I'm so glad I came.”  Counsellor

“Plenty of research-based evidence supplied to back up strategies and approaches used in HG therapeutic model.”
Head Teacher

“The content today was much more up-to-date than the experiences and information I've received from other counselling courses.”
Psychotherapy Student

“Fantastic level of knowledge, refreshing approach.  Excellent presentation with the use of humour, videos and presentation.  Has inspired me to attend more."  Business Psychologist

“This has excited me more than anything I have learned during my first year of training as a psychotherapist.  Having read quite a lot of human givens material as well, I am particularly impressed with the focusing on the positive aspects and the fact that understanding how the brain works is essential for doing truly effective counselling. Thank you very much – I will definitely be doing more training with Human Givens.”  
Nurse & Trainee Counsellor

“Applicable to all walks of life – a very inspiring day. The time flew.”
Applied Arts/Prison Reform Education Consultant

“No need to ‘worry’ about other ‘branches’ of psychotherapy (pseudo) … this stands as a framework on its own right. So glad I found this.”
Training Manager

“I am a carer for a daughter suffering from depression and anxiety – many areas covered were particularly relevant to my situation.” Retired

“Brings together the thinking and development around psychology and counselling over the past century – aboslutely brilliant.”
Career Guidance Counselling

“….I believe the principles of human givens are the tools needed for effective counselling. Makes so much sense in real life." Teacher

“I particularly enjoyed the session on human givens and emotional needs.  I really identified with it and found it not only useful for me and my life, but my patients and their relatives.”   Nurse

“The whole day was packed full of useful information that was positive and forward looking. Very helpful.”   Health Visitor

“No psychobabble. Very knowledgeable, well constructed delivery. It's
made me question some of my ideas and opened me up to new ways of thinking and approaches. Really helpful.”
Behavioural Specialist / Nurse

“Straightforward explanations that make sense!  It was great to get through so much and so effectively in one day!” Educationalist

“The different way of looking at counselling was really encouraging and so sensible – I'd never seen the point or effectiveness of therapy which lasts for years and years and now I know why.
   This has direct relevance to my current job role in the Conditional Management Programme, helping people to overcome health problems to move them closer to the world of work. Perfect.”
Occupational Therapist

“Very good – would just like more!”  Trainer & Life Coach

“So useful to me in my work and personal life.  Left me wanting to know and understand more!” Headteacher

“Today has given me a more optimistic outlook on how mental health is viewed and should be treated, challenged my thinking on other therapies.”
Senior Support Worker

“Demystified the whole area of counselling and psychotherapy.”
Occupational Therapist

“Thank you – it was as exciting as it seemed when I first read about the approach.  I’m also really pleased to find something that fits with my own values and philosophy of life.”  Social Worker

“Coming from an educational background I have been looking for the link between therapy and learning – I found it today.  Thank you for a great day.” Tutorial & Learner Involvement Co-ordinator

“At long last I'll be able to believe in what I'm doing!"

“As a carer for my mum who suffers with mental health issues I found it extremely helpful and comforting to educate myself more on depression and anxiety.  It’s inspiring to meet someone who truly knows about mental health and how to move people forward and create change.”
Youth & Community Worker

“Excellent! I will recommend today to all my colleagues.”
Health Visitor

“I felt all the information provided today was presented in such a clear, ‘jargon’ free way that I can immediately see how it can be applied in practice.  It has made my hungry for more information and practical skills advice in many different areas.  I am very much looking forward to attending future courses!
   I was advised by a friend who happens to be a Human  Givens practitioner, that she thought I would find the day ‘extremely enlightening and hungry for more information’.  And she was right.”

“Such a positive approach, backed up by sound thinking.”  GP

“The entire day was full of useful knowledge.”   Operations Technician

“My work is to help people that feel they cannot help themselves.  I think HG courses are a brilliant way to show people like me how to open ways to make people see they can do a lot more than they think with the (right) help.”   Benefit Adviser

“I found learning the practical bullet-point skills a great tool to take away – something I can effectively put into practice straight away.”

“Very enlightening and essential for all human beings.”   Trainer

“So valuable, I cannot rate this day highly enough.”  General Practitioner





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It was brilliant and truly enlightening in every sense – I found the whole day mesmorising, I hung onto every word!

Support Worker

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Fantastic new insights and techniques into working with patients who are depressed presented in down to earth, understandable language.

Family Support Worker

No other course of post-graduate training has influenced and changed my clinical practice more than studying for the Human Givens (HG) Diploma. It’s changed the way I think about, and approach, healthcare.

Dr Grahame Brown

This course was the most stimulating, thought-provoking and exciting learning experience I have ever had. As well as being continually stretching and enriching, it was always great fun. The teaching model of the diploma is rare in that it suits all different learning styles.

Dyslexia Consultant

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