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Core Diploma subjectHow to make counselling
more effective

A online course with tutor: Joe Griffin

This hugely popular course is now online
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How to make counselling more effective - online training course

How to make counselling
more effective

If you advise, treat or counsel disturbed or distressed people, this could be the most important course you ever take...

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What you will gain from attending:

  • New insights from skills-based research and brain science which are proving hugely beneficial and improving outcomes
  • Information (that no one else has given you) to make you more effective in your work – the day after attending this course
  • The core counselling skills of brief therapy that really make a difference fast – even with ‘stuck’ clients
  • Knowledge of the major myths which still continue in the field and
    make much counselling ineffective – you could save yourself years of wasted effort!
  • Vivid case histories which illustrate the key points, including films of different brief therapy sessions for depression and anxiety
  • Demonstration of an essential skill for treating a wide range of problems
  • A greater understanding of the mind/body connection and unconscious processes
  • Knowledge of how to avoid harming people in counselling (as many people unwittingly do)
  • A new understanding of the revolutionary human givens approach to counselling and psychotherapy and how it can make you more effective if you work in these fields
  • Knowledge of what we all need to maintain our emotional health and new insights into what goes wrong for people
  • Course notes... and much more

Who should attend?

If your work involves advising, treating or counselling disturbed or distressed people, this course could be the most important you ever attend:

  • Psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, occupational therapists, doctors, nurses, health visitors, physiotherapists, pastoral workers, social workers, support workers, youth workers, trainee counsellors, university welfare officers, school counsellors etc
  • Planners with responsibility for managing care resources. Advisors and managers responsible for staff welfare
  • Anyone wanting to understand more about effective strategies for alleviating emotional disturbance and distress (professionally or privately)



“I can't speak highly enough of the Human Givens Diploma course. It had all the elements to make it challenging, stretching, stimulating and, above all, thoroughly practical. I feel I have the skills to make a difference, whilst knowing I have the enjoyment to come of honing and developing them over time. An exciting prospect.”


Course Programme

What is counselling? When does it work? When does it not?

  • The vital differences between counselling and pseudo-counselling
  • Why certain types of counselling tend to make some clients and patients worse
  • The five myths about traditional counselling that disillusion the public about it and hold back progress in the field
  • Case histories and scientific research that support the above
  • How to make counselling services more effective – the whole story

Counselling from the human givens

  • Exploring the human givens approach to effective counselling which makes interventions easier and more reliably effective
  • Identifying the key human needs and the resources nature gives us to satisfy them
  • Topics include: anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, grief
  • FILM of brief therapy session for depression
  • Vivid case histories and stories that illustrate the skills covered
  • Why counselling needs to be brief in most cases
  • The essential capacities you need in order to help someone in distress

Mind/body connections: internal processes

  • How the brain and body work together
  • Understanding unconscious processes
  • Demonstration of guided imagery and how to use it in treating grief, anxiety and depression
  • FILM of counselling a patient with an anxiety disorder

The seven core skills of brief counselling

  • There are certain brief counselling skills that all the caring professions need to know about
  • They play an essential part in helping people move on in their lives and can easily be learned by nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, general practitioners, counsellors, support workers and other members of the caring professions
  • The seven core skills of effective counselling
  • Why these skills can be mastered quickly


This course is now available online

How to make counselling more effective - online training course

How to make counselling
more effective

If you advise, treat or counsel disturbed or distressed people, this could be the most important course you ever take...

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“The most intensive, well-balanced, rewarding and enjoyable course structure I've attended in over 30 years of professional life. It is going to be immensely useful.”

Senior Police Officer

“It's been terrific — I feel privileged to have attended. The tutors are quite inspirational, both as speakers and therapists, and their level of knowledge and understanding is remarkable. The human givens approach is creative, eclectic, needs-led and applicable to a wide range of situations. It has inspired me to re-examine my own practice and, wherever possible, introduce it into my work.”

Educational Psychologist

“The impact on my work practice has been unbelievable — positive, safe and quick results which enable distressed people to engage in a good quality of life once again."

Army Welfare Officer



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It was brilliant and truly enlightening in every sense – I found the whole day mesmorising, I hung onto every word!

Support Worker

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Fantastic new insights and techniques into working with patients who are depressed presented in down to earth, understandable language.

Family Support Worker

No other course of post-graduate training has influenced and changed my clinical practice more than studying for the Human Givens (HG) Diploma. It’s changed the way I think about, and approach, healthcare.

Dr Grahame Brown

This course was the most stimulating, thought-provoking and exciting learning experience I have ever had. As well as being continually stretching and enriching, it was always great fun. The teaching model of the diploma is rare in that it suits all different learning styles.

Dyslexia Consultant

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