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Free choice subjectEffective Pain Management
- Psychological techniques for reducing persistent pain and accelerating healing

A life-changing 1-day counselling course with tutor: Dr. Grahame Brown

"Dr Brown has a real gift for helping people heal themselves – I know: I’m one of them!"
Christopher Buckley, Professor of Rheumatology, University of Birmingham

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course – the best I have attended. Fantastic to have the opportunity to train with this specialist."
Clinical Hypnotherapist

"This course covered all aspects of the subject – biological, social and psychological. No aspect was neglected – incredibly helpful."
Civil Servant

"I’ve read the pain management book, but it was even better having Dr Brown himself – this is the best explanation I have heard and I will use this to explain pain to my patients in the future."

"The whole day was helpful and useful! It was also a great refresher for HG, as almost everything could be applied to psychological as well as physical pain."
HG Therapist

"My understanding of pain is now much improved – thank you."
RG Nurse

"Excellent neuro-scientific explanation of persistent pain – great to have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the tutor’s extensive knowledge and practical experience."

"The day has been fascinating and enjoyable; I would like more time with complex patient presentations and the opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team approach."
Practice Nurse

"Really good trainer – thank you."

"Fantastic course – fascinating."
Patient Involvement co-ordinator

"Very useful - has hugely increased my confidence in helping with all sorts of pain"
Practice Therapist

"Thank you so much for such an enlightening day."
GP trainee

"A fascinating day – thank you!"
Psychological Therapist

"Wonderful! Jam-packed with information, research and real-life cases"

"Incredibly sensible and user friendly"
Resettlement Worker

"Good supporting scientific evidence"
Medical Consultant

"Invaluable information – an empowering day"
Psychotherapist in Primary Care

"I feel much more confident working with people with pain now"

"Excellent speaker, held my attention all day and I’m leaving far more practically equipped"