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Free choice subjectMindfulness in
Human Givens Practice

A one-day course with tutor: Sandra van Nispen

What people say about the day:

“An excellent day – valuable practically, personally and professionally. It will really help me in my practice in helping clients manage/understand how they can take control in a gentle and do-able way. Easy to integrate with HG ideas. I want to read more!”
HG Psychotherapist

“Beautifully presented enabling plenty of time and space for reflection. Trainer delivered in a sensitive, compassionate, professional way – it was a real pleasure being a participant on this training – from one fellow trainer to another. Excellent – I will be attending other courses.”
Training Consultant / Therapist

“Very helpful – I will use this in my clinical work to enable clients to relax and develop self awareness.” Occupational Therapist

“It was all really interesting and useful! The whole concept of mindfulness was really well explained and demonstrated. Doing the practices was great too. I liked the way it was linked into our emotional needs and resources, and how we can use it in our practices."
Reflexologist and HG therapist

“A wonderfully knowledgeable tutor – very responsive and flexible to our needs and questions. Her passion came through authentically – very engaging. Content presented very well – jargon free and integrated elegantly with human givens.”   Coach / Trainer

“A really enjoying and fulfilling day – thank you”

“Excellent mix of theory and practise. The practical exercises helped to make it real. The tutor demonstrated a rich understanding of the topic and answered questions fully.”
HG Therapist

“Great introduction to mindfulness and how to apply it to one's own life and work with patients/friends/family, etc. And a really inspiring teacher, who obviously practices mindfulness regularly – it shows!” Nurse

“Although I already use Mindfulness in my practice after today I feel much more knowledgeable about how it works on different levels – and its benefits.” Hypnotherapist

“Good background to mindfulness and useful techniques and suggestions. Lots of useful ideas for mindfulness at work and in daily life.”
Well-being advisor for Headteachers in Somerset

“Lots to digest and incorporate into practice for clients and self. Good mix of information and exercise – can’t think of improvements!”
Occupational Therapist / HG Therapist

“Superb notes, clear and well laid out. An excellent, clear day on the subject – thank you!  Lots of practical experience too – a great way to learn.” Therapist

“A clear and useful explanation of what mindfulness is. Great opportunity to experience it for oneself.” Teacher

“The exercises were very useful, especially the experiential aspects. Very well paced and lots of audience participation which I enjoyed. It felt like there was plenty of space in the day and yet I learned a lot = a good metaphor for mindfulness!”
General Practitioner

“Brilliant, as usual, and inspiring.” Counsellor

“Very good explanation of the benefits of mindfulness and how well it works within the human givens approach.”
HG Therapist

“All the ideas are already implicit, at least, in HG but this day’s focus was extremely interesting and useful. We will use the information today in the classroom for 2 minute mindfulness sessions at the beginning of every lesson. I’m certain pupils will enjoy and benefit. A useful tool!”

“Mindfulness can be achieved in short pieces of time – ideally suited to some of my clients. As applied to human givens there are endless possibilities to add value to the HG approach.”
HG counsellor / Trainer

“Very informative, a very experienced practitioner with good exercises and plenty of practise of small meditations.”
Psychotherapist and Lecturer

“This day has helped me to be more self aware and mindful which in turn will have a positive effect on any relationship I have with others.”

“I thought the day was hugely enjoyable and interesting and honestly came from a rich and deep bed of knowledge and experience. “
PR consultant / HG therapist

“All useful. As a Breathworks trainer it has been a very useful day to incorporate mindfulness into my HG work.” Counsellor

“Useful tool that I can integrate into my work with teenagers. An enjoyable and informative day that has helped me on both a personal and professional level.”
School Counsellor/Teacher of emotional well-being/HG Therapist

“The regular practise throughout the session put all the theory into a practical, useful context. Sandra’s emphatic understanding of HG and mindfulness was very evident. The way she combined the two was inspiring and very useful. Thank you so much.”
Health Promotion Specialist

“Today has given me a much more thorough understanding of how to practice mindfulness. Useful research pointers. Really liked Sandra’s calm, sincere, clear teaching style/persona which added (for me) to the content.”
HG therapist / trainer

“The exercises were very helpful to illustrate the various points. I particularly liked the exercises of multi-testing and changing focus on different emotions, both of which I will use with my clients as well as on myself. A very well presented workshop. Sandra has a lovely, warm and very clear way of presenting mindfulness and engaging the participants.”
HG Therapist

“Found the presenter ‘First Class’. Excellent pace and good introduction to complex ideas without over-simplifying them or over-packaged in ‘therapy-speak’. As well as being stimulated I thoroughly enjoyed the day – it has come at the right moment for me.”
HG therapist / writer

“I found the numerous experiential exercises very useful – both personally and as a potential way of introducing mindfulness to my clients.”
HG Therapist

“Wonderful calming and relaxing course. Clarify and focus will be helpful to use in addition to relaxation and guided imagery to enhance practice. Good to have skills to use both personally and professionally.”
Psychological therapist



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