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Online training

New online training website open now!
Visit: www.hgonlinecourses.com


We are pleased to announce that Human Givens College will be launching two types of online courses in 2014.

The first, which has just launched, is Delving Deeper with Human Givens. These courses will explore in more depth new insights and ideas arising from research into brain functioning and other areas, including concepts about the mind and pattern-matching that derive from Human Givens psychology.

Delving Deeper Human GivensThe first of this series: Exploring Consciousness, opened in February and is already proving very popular. it is a profound transformational guide to understanding reality – a wonderful trip for imaginative people interested in the innate human need for meaning.

To find out more, visit: hgdelvingdeeper.com

Online Courses about mental health and psychological interventions

The second series of online courses – Human Givens: Psychological Interventions – will cover key mental health and brief psychotherapy topics from our prospectus, which will count towards the HG Diploma. These will be of particular interest to people working in the fields of psychotherapy, counselling, education and motivation, but will also be suitable for anyone else with an interest in the subject covered.

The first of this series, Tackling Addiction, is being prepared now and will open in the next few months. In the meantime, you might also like to watch the following film which is already available online – it's an example of a typical introductory lecture given on our Diploma course.

And, if you can't attend our UK-based courses, you might also find our range of audio CDs and books of help and interest – these complement the material in our training courses. Please visit: www.humangivens.com for details.




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