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Core Diploma subjectThe fast trauma (PTSD)
and phobia cure 

A 2-day course in the rewind-technique with tutor: Sue Saunders
CPD Certificate (12 hours)

Even the most severe phobic and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms can be quickly and safely treated with the precisely targeted skills of the refined version of the rewind technique taught on this two-day course.

Required Skills – to attend this course you must be experienced in using guided imagery and visualisation techniques

What you will gain from the two days:

  • The valued ability to be able to detraumatise people quickly and safely using the most reliably successful psychological treatment currently available – the rewind technique
  • A clear understanding of the classic fear response symptoms and how PTSD and phobias develop
  • Knowledge of how the main treatment techniques for treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sub-threshold trauma and phobias work – including EMDR, EFT, CBT– their advantages and disadvantages
  • Trauma-focused rewinding: why the refined version of the rewind technique taught on this course is the most reliably effective, safe and non-intrusive psychological technique currently available for the effective treatment of trauma, PTSD and phobias
  • Why a huge range of anxiety disorders can also be relieved by the
    proper application of this technique
  • The psychobiological reason for why it works so well
  • Knowledge of why critical incident debriefing increases the incidence of PTSD
  • A deeper understanding of how the pattern-matching processes in the brain cause severe phobic responses
  • A step-by-step breakdown of the essential stages of the rewind technique
  • The chance to see a live demonstration of removing a phobia or PTSD symptoms in one session
  • Under careful guidance, participants practice each stage of the technique in pairs
  • You then practice the entire process with other course participants, again under supervision
  • Abreactions – and what to do if this occurs
  • A film of a therapy session where the technique was used in a complex case of a girl who was seriously affected by childhood racial and sexual abuse, the murder of two friends and witnessing another friend's suicide. (we also see the follow up session – all symptoms had disappeared);
  • Greater confidence in dealing with anxiety disorders and distress caused by trauma, phobias and flashbacks
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to experience and practice, under careful guidance, the various stages of the rewind technique yourself
  • Course notes, CPD Certificate and more...

Why this course is important

This refined version of the rewind technique is the most reliably successful psychological treatment available for removing even the severest phobias and detraumatising people – it is easy to learn and one of the most important skills you need when working with any anxiety disorder.

Using it you can, in often as little as one or two sessions, detraumatise bad memories, stop flashbacks, cure phobias, banish nightmares and reduce anxiety so you can help the victims of abuse, rape, violence, car accidents, fire, terrorism and panic attacks, heart attacks and other life-threatening experiences.

It is also invaluable for helping people with phobias, those who have suffered persistent physical or sexual abuse, and people with OCD. Some people suffering from depression have experienced a traumatic experience which needs to be detraumatised in order for them to move on with their lives.

The technique has the added benefit of being non-intrusive – there is no need for individuals to go into the details of the events which have traumatised them with the therapist.

Those who have already done this course have brought relief to thousands.


Who should attend?

  • Anyone involved in helping traumatised people including: A & E staff, mental health nurses, OTs, health visitors, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and those working with traumatised members of public services like firefighters, police, paramedics and military personnel.
  • If you treat or care for traumatised people (including children), or people suffering from any form of phobia or anxiety disorder, this course should be seen as an essential part of your ongoing training.

IMPORTANT – To be able to learn the technique taught on this course you need experience in using guided imagery and relaxation techniques. If you don't already have this, we recommend you attend the Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change course first.

The course structure:

This intense two-day training proceeds through a blend of talks, live demonstrations, skill-developing exercises, practice sessions (under careful guidance) and deconstruction of a filmed example of the technique being used with a severely traumatised young woman. There is also plenty of opportunity for networking and discussion during the breaks.

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The fast trauma and phobia cure

Wed 19th & Thurs 20th June 2019                London

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Please Note: this course includes material previously covered on the MindFields College Workshop of the same name, but it goes into more depth about the causes of PTSD, phobias, abreactions and alternative techniques for treating PTSD and allows for much more time to practice the rewind technique so that you can feel thoroughly confident in using it when you have finished the course.