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Core Diploma subjectTackling addiction:
Understanding and treating all types of
addictive behaviour

A one-day course with tutor: Joe Griffin

>> Also available as an online course

What people say about the day:

“Today has been life-changing! Both personally and for my work.”
Senior Co-ordinator, Home Start

“The day could not have been improved. Full of practical advice and new information, very helpful and well presented.” Substance Misuse Worker

“It's been a great realisation for me today that understanding how addictive behaviour works is the key to helping to stop it."
Mental Health Charity Director

“The expectation theory was very useful as it clarified the process of craving and the reason why addictive behaviour persists.  I will find this very useful in understanding the experience of addicts and working with them in the future.”  Teacher

“An excellent, enlightening day – with great use of case histories to illustrate the points.”   General Practitioner

“It felt as if a light had been switched on! I can't thank you enough.”
Community Nurse

“Very powerful presentation which gave added insight to personal and professional experience.  Wealth of shared experiences recounted with compassion, empathy and humour.”   Teacher / Counsellor

“Up-to-date research and practical examples, not just theory.  Lots of ideas for how to work with clients and I felt the ideas/examples are easily expandable to work with clients with all sorts of behavioural addictions.”

“Pure, distilled wisdom.”  Psychiatrist

“I found the explanation of the addictive trance and how to speak to addictive people really useful as well as the common mistakes to avoid – and learning the principles of motivational interviewing was helpful – in fact it was all incredibly helpful.”  Art Director

“I have worked as a 12-step counsellor for over 9 years but still learned a great deal today.”  Counsellor

“Absolutely enlightening!  Excellent presentation, content and delivery.  Most probably the No. 1 approach that I’ll be utilizing for my therapy toolbox.  Highly recommended for therapists working in the addiction field.”

“Thank you, a truly inspirational day. I trained in the disease model of addiction and used to run a treatment centre that operated under that philosophy.  I came to find addiction very wearing and left after 5 years.  This new approach lifts a weight from me – I think I will be able to retrieve my patience and interest in addicts.” Psychologist

“A pleasure to listen to – most interesting and helpful.” Health Visitor

“Highly informative. Why people get addicted never really made sense before, but this makes it so clear.” Care Manager

“Inspiring, exciting and empowering as always.” Counsellor

“Ideas I can use tomorrow in my practice that are profound but simple and backed up with excellent notes/reading suggestions.” Psychotherapist

“Fascinating.  I have always thought the subject to be very complicated, but the day provided a common-sense approach and clarified many aspects for me about what addiction is really about.”   Sales Manger / Engineer

“All makes complete sense – logical and achievable.”   Midwife

“Hard to improve on – the way Joe speaks from his own experience makes the information easy to absorb – fascinating.  Really great training.”
Service Manager in a charity

“Tremendously useful. Thank you.”  Support Worker

“The day was extremely informative.  Everyday examples were given which aided learning.  Jargon was not used – which was great!"   Social Worker

“Very good, worthwhile course.  Should be compulsory NHS training!”
 Senior Nursing Staff

“Yet another great HG day! Joe's insights into the process of addiction were revelatory and the practical ways to work with addicts will be incredibly helpful for the work I do.”  Counsellor

“The most useful course I've attended on addiction in over 10 years of working with people with addictions.”  Youth & Community Worker

“Excellent course.  Interesting and clearly focused on ways to help clients to learn new ways of being.”  Addictions Counsellor

“Very professionally delivered and very practical.”  Nurse

“Another highly informative, entertaining and enjoyable day with strategies I can put into practice straight away.”  Therapist

“Truly enlightened!  I will use all the information personally to feel happier in my own life, and make the changes I need.  It will also be invaluable to my work with vulnerable families.  For the last 10 years I have read everything off the bookshelves re self-help, and popular psychology. 
The Human Givens Approach has made the biggest impact on me and the way I work. “  RGN/Schools/Pastoral/Family Liaison

“The content of the seminar was excellent – helped me to look at addiction and its recovery from a different angle.” PT QA Consultant

“Now have a better understanding of addictions and how to use skills within my profession to help mothers meet their needs.”  Midwife

“Just fantastic.  Hugely relevant and useful, beautifully presented, funny, exciting and stimulating.”  Resource Team Worker/Counsellor

“Once again, it was a pleasure to attend and learn in a friendly atmosphere.  There was a lot of value in the day.  It also helps me realise that whilst treatment centres for specific addictions are important, the counselling for underlying reasons causing the addictions is equally important as this helps to prevent recurrence.”   Counsellor

“A wonderful day – really interesting, useful and thought provoking, both personally and professionally.” Trainer

“Inspirational personally and professionally.  Down to earth presentation style – open and involving, using recognizable examples that everyone can relate to.” Social Carer

“This was very helpful to me.  I realised that I was so ill equipped with the necessary knowledge I desperately need in order to help both my partner (an alcohol dependency problem) and possible future clients”

“As always, lots of practical strategies to use and backed up with the theory and evidence of research.”   Nursery Nurse

“Fascinating course – it has given me lots of ideas to use with my clients, has helped me to understand the workings of the brain.”
Scheme Manager of Homeless Hostel

“This programme made me more aware of my own practice and the ways that I can improve or rethink how I approach my clients and my job.”
Social Worker

“Brilliant. I have been on several of your workshops and seminars – I always learn something new.”  Teaching Assistant

“The whole concept of theory of expectation seems so logical and refreshing against the prevailing ‘willpower’ method.”
RMN – Private Detox Clinic

“A very inspiring, informative seminar which held my attention throughout, despite having had to get up at 5.30 am to get here!
This was my first course with you and it certainly won’t be my last!  I have found the day inspiring and practical – thank you.”

“…interesting and engaging – so much good information”
OT Mental Health

“Thank you – a terrific day, both personally and professionally.”
Addiction Counsellor

“Very applicable to helping clients with addictions and all clients with obsessions / compulsions. Excellent.” GP

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