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Reviews for

Core Diploma subjectHow to tell stories that heal
A masterclass in therapeutic storytelling

A one-day course with tutor: Pat Williams or Denise Winn

"So informative and relevant to my everyday work. "
School Counsellor

"Truly magical yet intensely practical and applicable to so many situations."
Local Authority Officer

"I was entranced the whole day. Many practical tips and advice for incorporating into my own practice. " Psychiatrist

"A superb new way to empower and help my clients. " Psychotherapist

“Up to now I hadn't appreciated the impact stories can have on situations. The more tools a social worker has in their box, the better. This workshop was exceptionally well delivered.”
Social Worker – Children & Families

"I can't wait to use these new skills in my own GP practice. "
General Practitioner

“Totally relevant and appropriate to my work in coaching and development – based on solid foundation.”
Business psychologist/career counselling

“Brilliant! Lots of new insights into using storytelling as therapy and for self development.” Occupational Therapist

"Subtle but very powerful ways of giving hope to people. I can see this being incredibly helpful. " Speech Therapist / Psychotherapist

“This workshop has given me loads of confidence and understanding which was exactly what I’d hoped for!”
Client Support Employment Project Worker

“The power of stories is fascinating.  I particularly liked the idea of being able to use my creativity in a new way.”
Health Visitor

“I work with people who have been institutionalised and a story with hope can be so valuable.” Social Worker

“An excellent combination of theory and practical experience presented in a very rich way.” Educational Psychologist

“Just hits the nail on the head about life, love and humankind – I will use this approach more and more in my life and work.”
Language School Director

“Really enjoyed the experience – powerful, an unforgettable day!”
Psychology Student

“Excellent. Challenged my perceptions of the sub text of stories – and it's good to be challenged!” Davis Dyslexia facilitator

"Exceptionally well delivered day. I was transported to another world!" Social Worker

“A super day.  It was over before I realised it had started.  Very stimulating.”
Patient Support Worker

“Workshop was so rich and versatile being interactive – role plays made it a very good learning experience.” Family Therapist

“Very useful to use stories within brief therapy, especially with clients who may be ‘stuck’.” Mental Health Practitioner

“The power of stories is amazing!”
Support Needs Development Officer

“It was enlightening to see how much one can do with fragments of ideas – changes one’s perspective on how to communicate.” TV Director

“Wonderful, entertaining and mentally stretching”
Nutrition & Functional Medicine Profession

“I’ve always loved reading/films but hadn’t appreciated how I can use these stories/experiences in day to day life and in the surgery in a therapeutic setting. Lots of ideas for helping patients during consultations.” GP

"Real insight – this will have a huge impact on the way I work."
HG Therapist

“Fascinating use of using the creative side of the brain – and today has given me confidence to do this. Thank you so much for passing this skill/awareness on.” Counsellor & Psychotherapist