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Think straight – communicate!
Free choice subject
A one-day course with tutor: Denise Winn

What you will gain from the day:

  • A wealth of little known facts about the psychology of communication that can be used to transform family life, healthcare, psychotherapy, education and business
  • Practical skills and new information to help you communicate information and ideas more easily, one-to-one or in public
  • Improved relationships and happier outcomes at work, home and
    with clients
  • Ways to quickly build rapport with people
  • Practical tips and insights to help you when dealing with difficult people, clients and colleagues
  • An effective way to motivate people
  • A better understanding of why emotional arousal hinders clear thought and stops you communicating effectively
  • Essential information about building rapport and communicating with children and young people
  • How to grab and keep people's attention
  • Increased understanding of the differences in male and female communication and how communication between the sexes can be improved
  • Knowledge of the healthy ways to express our feelings
  • Ways to improve your negotiation and public speaking skills
  • How to generate co-operation with young people and children
  • Much improved counselling and therapy skills
  • Course notes... and more


Why this course is important

Effective communication skills are essential if we want make a significant contribution to society through our work or achieve our personal goals. All too often otherwise highly accomplished people are held back in their careers or stymied in their personal relationships by not getting across what they need to express.

This in turn leads to high levels of emotional arousal which prevents them from thinking straight, distorts their view of themselves and makes it next to impossible to communicate effectively.

Without clear communication learning is also hampered, mistakes increase and relationships suffer and break down – our ability to help other people declines dramatically and our organisations degenerate in confusion.

And if effective, in-depth communication isn't taking place the quality of services declines rapidly, bullying and red tape take over, staff morale collapses and mental stress and absenteeism increase.

Discover the knowledge and skills that will change this for you – and those you work or live with.


Who should attend?

  • If you need to get important information across to colleagues, clients or students, this day is for you
  • Anyone working with young people or children and wishes to be more effective in what they do should attend
  • If you would like more confidence when dealing with the general public or in getting your point across, you should attend
  • Anyone who would like to understand the various ways in which we communicate with each another and who wants to improve their own effectiveness
  • If you struggle with getting your message across, gaining people's attention or motivating them, this day will help
  • Anyone who wants to be able to improve their public speaking or negotiate skills should also attend.

Course Programme

The 'Think straight – Communicate!' course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

The day's agenda

Registration: 8.30am to 9.30am (Tea or coffee served until 9.25am)

9.30am – New knowledge on the givens of effective communication

  • The importance of nonverbal behaviour.
  • Building rapport quickly: verbally and nonverbally.
  • Why it is important to hold a person’s attention – three powerful ways to do it.
  • Why laughter is so uplifting.
  • How ‘hemispherical switching’ keeps people interested in what you’re saying.
  • The power of metaphor.
  • The critical role of timing.
  • How to recall information.

11.00am — Discussion over tea/coffee

11.30am – How to talk so people will listen – public speaking and presentation skills

  • Effective strategies you can use straight away.
  • The language of influence – motivating people through the power of indirect suggestions.
  • Vital ways to improve your public speaking and presentation abilities.

1.00pm — Lunch (included)

1.45pm – Improving communication between the sexes

  • How the sexes can communicate better between one another – understanding the differences in male/female styles of thinking and interacting.
  • Why it’s not what you say but the way that you say it that gets results.
  • How holding feelings in can increase the risk of cancer ... yet expressing them may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. We explore the healthy ways to express feelings.

2.45pm — Discussion over tea/coffee

3.00pm – How to communicate with children and young people

  • Why problems arise.
  • The pitfalls to avoid.
  • Boundaries and the happy meeting ground.
  • Developing cooperation, focusing attention on the positive.
  • How to close the generation gap forever.
  • Summary and review of the most important skills covered during
    the day.

4.00pm — Day ends


Dates for this course have now passed.
It is currently only available for inhouse training.


To book by phone call 01323 811690.
Alternatively, you can download an application form and post or fax it to:
Human Givens College, Chalvington, East Sussex, BN27 3TD.
 00 44 (0)1323 811486

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