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Free choice subjectTreating context-blindness:
How to enlarge people’s perspective

A one-day course with tutor: Ezra Hewing

What people are saying about this new course:

“The best course I have ever done – so insightful.”
Rehabilitation Worker

“Everything was useful. I liked the way the session unfolded giving clear information from the outset. I really enjoyed the hands on exercises which made real the information presented and made me more aware of the way context-blindness has an impact on learning and communicating. Fascinating subject with ample suggestions for follow-up reading which gives me an opportunity to digest it at a slower pace.”

“Lots of new information linked to existing learning. Well presented with all questions answered well.”

“Really useful ideas and techniques to use with left-brain caetextia, ie those on the autism spectrum; these helped me develop ideas for working with children and young people with these difficulties.
   "A very useful day – provided a fresh perspective on some familiar ideas and introduced some new ones in a clear and well thought out manner.”
Educational Psychologist

"The information on brain function and what receptors are damaged in cannabis use and the effect on REM sleep was really useful.”
Course attendee

“The morning programme was particularly useful to me – the theory and exercises. Very enjoyable.”
Medical Doctor & HG Diploma Student

“I liked the whole concept of caetextia, plus how to use this knowledge therapeutically. Ezra was extremely good.”

“The cannabis induced caetextia model makes so much sense. Also the connections between caetextia and other mental health problems. The exercises were great – useful as insights, and also for retelling or using in sessions with clients. I thought Ezra was an excellent tutor and communicator – very clear, balanced and humorous also.”
HG Therapist

“The presenter’s understanding and take on the area is very helpful. Cannabis-induced caetextia section was also excellent and practical.”
HG Therapist

“I really liked the practical exercises to experience how things can be for someone with caetextia.”
Project manager

“Brilliant! The cannabis caetextia part was particularly useful and very interesting.” Psychotherapist

“Thank you very much for an enjoyable day – very engaging and informative.”

“Lots of really insightful examples and useful information that I can see is applicable to some of my clients.”
Brief Therapist

“A high level of content which was stretching and interesting.”
Office Administrator

“I found the information about cannabis and caetextia extremely helpful.”

“Really enjoyed the whole day. Lots of interesting information and ideas on how to treat caetextia. Glad I came.”

“Although I was already familiar with the concepts, it was very helpful to hear them presented and also the contributions from other participants. I was impressed with Ezra’s thorough knowledge of the subject and his fielding of questions. Very worthwhile attending this day – thank you.”
HG Therapist

“Very helpful. I enjoyed the whole day – there was lots of new information, and the practical exercises were good.”

“Superb mix of new ideas, exercises and some useful revision.”
CAM Therapist

“A lot was presented in the day, but it was very well communicated within the limited time. Thank you.”

“Excellent workshop – with a great mix of theorectical, experiential and hebbian learning. Really helped to clarify things.” HG Therapist

“Some really useful insights – has explained a lot to me.”

“Many thanks for a stimulating day – lots of clearly given information, with time for practical experiences as well as visual and audio delivery. ”
Music Therapist

“As always I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Ezra knew his subject very well and presented it in an interesting and stimulating way. And he allowed time for people to talk about their experiences and to ask questions.”




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