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Watching HG Therapy in Action
– a special CPD opportunity for HG Dip graduates

DAY TWO of the series - no need to have attended Day One.
(details below)
Denise Winn or Véronique Chown

What you will gain from this special series of CPD days:

  • New inspiration and insights
  • The opportunity to observe and discuss – with the tutor and your peers – the subtle but extremely powerful therapeutic techniques implemented with great skill during a selection of therapy sessions by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell
  • There are two different days, each showing different cases
  • Embedded learning
  • Facilitated indepth discussions and review of core HG procedures for treating anxiety and depression
  • Approved HGI CPD (6 hours for each day in the series you attend)
  • and more

NB. You do not need to have attended Day One to attend Day Two

About this unique series of CPD training days

Over the 15 years that Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell were teaching the Human Givens Diploma course the live therapy sessions they undertook with distressed patients were all filmed, on the understanding that only College students could view them, for educational purposes.

As a result, the College now holds a vast library of filmed therapy sessions by the two originators of this most effective approach to therapy, and we're pleased to be able to satisfy the constant requests we've had over the years from Diploma graduates for the opportunity to see Joe and Ivan working with other patients on different Diploma courses to the one they attended.

All of our graduates have said that watching real people being helped by the HG approach in front of their very eyes improved their understanding immensely of both the theory and exercises taught on the course. It also helped them to see just how much therapeutic work could be done in a surprisingly short amount of time, to the considerable benefit of the clients.

Gain new inspiration and ideas

On these one-day courses, you will get to see both the first and the subsequent follow up session (which took place approximately four weeks later and shows the results of the initial therapy session) carried out with two separate patients.

We will be running two versions of this day throughout the year, each showing different case histories. You can attend both days, or only one – the choice is yours.

As none of the four films shown on each course lasts more than an hour each day will allow plenty of time for discussion between attendees and the facilitator on what they have seen.

NB. You do not need to have attended Day One to attend Day Two



Who can attend?

  • Only those qualified with Part II and/or Part III of the HG Diploma.

Course Programme

'Watching HG therapy in action' counselling course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

of the 'Watching HG Therapy in Action' Series of CPD days

Registration: 9.00am to 9.30am (Tea or coffee served until 9.25am)

9.30am – Anxiety and Chronic Pain – Session 1

  • Introduction
  • We watch the first film which shows Joe Griffin working with a challenging patient who was particularly non-compliant from the outset. The session was filmed during the HG Diploma in October 2011 at Sunningdale Park. The patient had suffered from anxiety and chronic pain since a car accident 17 years earlier.  Since the accident she had been a regular attendee at a pain clinic and emphasised that she had little faith that anything was able to help her because she had “tried it all.” During the session she suffers considerable pain and finds it difficult to concentrate. We watch as Joe sensitively perseveres and eventually succeeds in building rapport and capturing her attention.

    This film is an excellent example of:
      – utilisation as Joe works with this patient’s high levels of distress
        and resistance
    – how to work creatively with right-brained caetextia
    – dealing with abreactions

    Among other things Joe teaches her:
      – How to build a mind map of comfort
      – How to strengthen the pain free neural connections
      – How pain gates function
      –  What the 3 prime elements of pain are, plus another surprising one 
    –  How to change her perception of pain
  • We consider and discuss and what was done

11.00am – further discussion over tea/coffee

11.30am – Anxiety and Chronic Pain – Session 2

  • We watch the film of the follow up session from 4 weeks later
  • Facilitated discussion and review of the HG proceedures for dealing with chronic pain and anxiety

1.00pm – Lunch (included)

1.45pm – Dissociation, Depression and Severe Stress Symptoms – Session 1

  • Introduction
  • We watch a film of Ivan working with a patient who was suffering from severe stress symptoms, feelings of dissociation and had been depressed for about 6 years. (The sessions were filmed during the HG Diploma in Bristol in February and April 2011.)
    Questioning revealed that the patient’s difficulties go back to childhood where his parents, who were deeply embroiled in a cult, disowned him because he wouldn’t conform to the rules of the cult, which had resulted in bullying at school. Aged 16 he witnessed a traumatic accident that caused the death of a child.

    During the sessions, among many things, you will see Ivan:
    – explain the cycle of depression
    –  use trance language
    – separate the patient from the problem
    – rewind the trauma of an accident where a child died
    – offer multiple reframes
    – use powerful metaphors in and out of trance
    – access feelings of pleasure in the patient
    – careful rehearsal of actions designed to get more of his innate needs met and so avoid getting depressed again.
  • We consider and discuss what was done

2.45pm – discussion over tea/coffee

3.00pm – Dissociation, Depression and Severe Stress Symptoms – Session 2

  • We watch the film of the follow up session from 4 weeks later, which shows the results of the first session and further therapeutic work
  • Facilitated discussion and review of what was achieved in the two therapy sessions and the HG proceedures for dealing effectively with dissociation, stress and depression

4.00pm – Day ends

Places are limited – book yours now:

Watching HG Therapy in Action
– a special CPD day for HG Dip graduates

Thursday 26th September 2019                London

  • Venue: Broadway House
  • Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm (please see above for the full agenda)
  • Course Code: TA09
  • Price: £192 per person (inc. VAT, course notes, lunch and refreshments)

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