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What is the Human Givens Diploma Course?

The Human Givens Diploma is a highly practical psychotherapy course that is revolutionising the successful treatment, understanding and prevention of the mental and emotional health issues that affect all human beings.

Successful graduates of all three parts of the Diploma can join the HGI's Professional Register, which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

  • The only form of psychotherapy to unify over 160 counselling models into one common language – view benefits of the approach
  • A highly effective alternative to drug treatments
  • Faster results in 1–2 sessions instead of the average 41

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Who is the Human Givens Diploma designed for?

Although initially created for anyone in the counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatric and medical professions who wish to be more effective when treating:

many other professionals (particularly from education, social work, human resources, diplomacy and business consultancy) also find the human givens approach hugely beneficial to their work and outcomes.

> > Ivan Tyrrell gives a short talk about the Human Givens Diploma, the stages involved, and its benefits.

> Watch the first 30 minutes of the Diploma introductory lecture given by Joe Griffin, co-founder of the human givens approach

What will I learn through the Human Givens Diploma?

As a Human Givens Diploma student you will gain a rich and significant understanding of human psychology, behaviour and brain functioning, and learn powerful psychological intervention techniques that are consistently effective and based on a sound, scientific body of knowledge. The human givens approach has many benefits.

PART 2: 2 Intensive 1 Week Courses (10 Days)

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Watch the first 30 minutes of one of the Diploma lectures featuring Joe Griffin, Human Givens Diploma course tutor and best-selling author

Learn more about Part 2 of the diploma

PART 3: Practical Assessment

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  • Submission of 2 films of psychotherapy sessions with clients
  • Case history notes for both
  • Written professional references
  • 3hrs supervision
  • On successful completion of all 3 parts of the Diploma you will be a fully-qualified human givens practitioner
  • You will then be eligible to be entered on the HGI's Professional Register of HG Therapists which is independently accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA)
Learn more about Part 3 of the diploma
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Excellent! Undoubtedly this course is an innovation in the stale field of therapy. Because of its emphasis on applying only what works, the human givens approach will remain at THE cutting edge."

Registered Medical Nurse (Holder of the Queen’s Award for Nursing)

What will I achieve by becoming a fully qualified Human Givens therapist?

Join the Human Givens Therapist Community

Since the first course in 2000, over 900 professionals have completed the Human Givens Diploma, many of whom work for the NHS, social services and other large organisations. An ever-increasing number also work in private practice as a fully qualified Human Givens therapist.

Change your career opportunities

The Human Givens Diploma typically takes 2 years to complete and our graduates gain the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively and as quickly as possible to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of those they work with.

Once you've completed Part 3 of the Diploma you are elligible to be entered onto the HGI's Professional Register of HG Therapists, which is independently accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).

Transform lives

The psychotherapy skills gained are also highly relevant and easily transferable to other fields such as parenting, teaching and back-to-work programmes.

Do something remarkable

All graduates are encouraged to work in an outcome-informed way to add to the already significant data being collected in an ongoing nationwide study into the effectiveness of this groundbreaking approach to psychotherapy.

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I can’t speak highly enough of the Human Givens Diploma course. It had all the elements to make it challenging, stretching, stimulating and, above all, thoroughly practical. I feel I have the skills to make a difference, whilst knowing I have the enjoyment to come of honing and developing them over time. An exciting prospect."


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No other course of post-graduate training has influenced and changed my clinical practice more than studying for the Human Givens (HG) Diploma.

Dr Grahame Brown

The impact on my work practice has been unbelievable — positive, safe and quick results which enable distressed people to engage in a good quality of life once again.

Army Welfare Officer

Organisations already benefitting:

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I have learnt more in ten days here, than two years of Higher Education. Pass or fail, I will take so much from this course, which is useful, practical, and understandable. The whole experience was very enjoyable."

Senior Care Worker
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