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From January 1st 2019, there will no longer be a free choice element to the courses that make up Part 1 of the HG Diploma.
    Instead, Part 1 will be made up of 16 mandatory courses: the 13 that are currently listed and 3 more: How to Control Chronic Anxiety, and two new courses: Improving Relationships: at work, at home and in the community
(1-day) and 'Ethics for the caring professions' (online), which will be
launching soon.
   If you're already working through Part 1, don’t worry, we are operating a transition period. Please contact us on 00 44 (0)1323 811690 to discuss.

Part 1

This first stage of the Human Givens Diploma involves completing a total of 18 days of training, made up of 16 different courses. The core diploma-linked subjects are compulsory (there are 7 online courses and 6 workshops). The remaining training requirement is made up of three 1-day 'free-choice' subjects which you can choose from the remainder of our courses. You will also need to study the course reading list.

NB. The core diploma courses are listed below, but you can also identify a core diploma subject by the logo on the left.
Almost all of our other courses count as 'free-choice’ subjects – look out for this symbol at the top of individual course pages, or view our full list of courses for the complete list of 'free-choice’ subjects.

If you're interested in taking the Diploma, we would recommend that you take a couple of online courses or attend at least one or two training days before committing yourself to the whole course so that you can see whether it's right for you.

If you've already attended some of our courses, you may in fact find that you're already well on your way to completing Part 1.

Part 2 >

Suggested order of attendance:

How to make Counselling more effective (Online course)
Effective Brief Psychotherapy (Online course)
How to Break the Cycle of Depression (Online course)
How to Lift Depression – the practical skills you need (1 day course)
From Stress to Psychosis: how to prevent people having breakdowns
(Online course)
How to Tell Stories that Heal – a masterclass in storytelling (1 day course)
Tackling Addiction – understanding and treating all types of addictive behaviour (Online course)
Brief Therapy for Stopping Addictions – a practical skills-based day
(1 day course)
Effective Anger Management (Online course)
Understanding Anxiety – and managing it without drugs
(Online course)
The Therapeutic Power of Language – a brief therapy masterclass
(2 day course – counts as one diploma day)
Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change (1 day course)
The fast Trauma and Phobia Cure
(2 day extended course – counts as one diploma day)
Plus another three 'free-choice' courses of your choice... View all here

SAVE £166.95 – when you buy all 7 Online Diploma-linked Courses at once
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You should attend all core diploma training days (listed above) before you attend the two-week intensive diploma weeks which makeup Part 2 of the course. This is to ensure that you have gained enough essential background knowledge and information and also had plenty of opportunity to practise for yourself the various new skills you have learnt so that you can derive the most benefit from the two-week course.

To qualify for full accreditation by this route, you must complete any remaining free-choice Part 1 courses within eighteen months of finishing Part 2, and then pass Part 3 (the HG Practitioner's Diploma) within two years of your Part 2 examination date.

This experiential training also gives you the opportunity to begin working from the human givens framework as you will learn plenty on every course that you can take away and use immediately in your work.

If you have any further questions about the training you have done to date or what you still need to do to complete Part 1, please don't hesitate to contact the College Registrar, Mark Thomas, on 01323 811690 or registrar@humangivenscollege.com



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