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There are now two routes to completing your Part 3, as detailed below.
Option 1 is being phased out and is only available to students who
passed Part 2 in 2017 or 2018.

Part 3

Practitioner's Assessment – your route to an Accredited Register

In addition to the continuous assessment by the trainers during Part 2, students must take a practical assessment (Part 3) to become a fully-qualified human givens practitioner.

To apply for Part 3 you must: be a Graduate Member of the Human Givens Institute; have completed all of your Part 1 requirements; and passed Part 2 within the previous 2 years.

On successful completion of Part 3, you are eligble to apply to become a Registered Member of the Human Givens Institute (HGI and be entered on the HGI’s Professional Register of Human Givens Therapists, which is independently accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA). This is the same authority that oversees the General Medical Council, BACP, UKCP and many others.

This PSA Mark of Quality assures the general public, service commissioners and employers that human givens practitioners belong to a register vetted and approved by an independent statutory body.


The NHS has recently updated their employment information, and now seeks counsellors who are on an Accredited Register, such as the HGI's.

NHS Choices states that "reputable therapists will be registered with a professional organisation that's been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) – this means they have met the PSA's required professional standards to practice" and NHS Employers lists the Human Givens Institute (HGI) as a provider of counselling services under details of the use and benefits of Accredited Registers, view here.

Health Education England, on the NHS Health Careers website, also highlights the importance of Accredited Registers under 'Entry Requirements and Training' and lists the Human Givens Institute.

Taking Part 3

Option 1 – Submission of filmed therapy sessions

Please note: You can only take this route if you passed Part 2 between
2017–2018. You must submit your Part 3 films within 2 years of your exam date.

This is the original route to taking Part 3 of the HG Diploma, in which students are required to submit films, along with accompanying case notes, of two counselling/therapy sessions that they have undertaken with clients. These are then independently assessed for the quality of therapeutic work and comprehension.

The accompanying clear case notes must include a comprehensive written explanation of why you used the techniques you did. These combined elements are both assessed and marked. In addition, students are required to supply written professional references and undergo a minimum of three hours of supervision with an HGI-accredited HG supervisor.

For more detailed information, download: Guidelines for Part 3 Film Submissions

A 'Consent to filming therapy sessions for the purpose of professional registration' form can be downloaded here: Filming consent form.

Option 2 – HG Diploma ‘Week 3’

This new, additional week of intensive training with the two Diploma tutors has been designed to give students who would like it more therapeutic practice and assistance. Throughout the week, students will practice and demonstrate a broad range of practical therapeutic skills under supervision and rigorous on-going assessment by the tutors and facilitators.

A pre-requisite of registration on the course is the submission of a written case study of an external client who has completed a course of therapy with you. This will also be assessed and discussed. You are also expected to be having regular supervision with a human givens supervisor.

Also included in the assessment is the level of relevant HG experience of working with clients, together with HG supervision, and this is a necessary and important component of developing Week 3 competencies.

Participants who demonstrate a high level of capability in, and understanding of, human givens therapy during the five-day intensive week will pass the practical assessment of their skills and competence leading to a successful Part 3 Practitioner Level Pass which means they are then eligble to become a Registered Member of the HGI and be entered on the Professional Register of fully-qualified Human Givens Practitioners.

For more detailed information, please view: Week 3 Student Information Sheet

There are a maximum of 16 places on each course, so we recommend you book your place as soon as you are ready.

Course Dates:

Please click here for the latest course dates:

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If you would like to attend, please contact us on 01323 811690. The fee for attending is £1,575.00 (which includes refreshments and lunch each day).


For information on the fees for both Part 3 options, click here

Accreditation to Practice:

Demand for human givens therapists continues to grow, the Human Givens Institute continually receive enquiries, from all over the country and abroad, from people looking for fully-qualified, accredited psychotherapists and counsellors working from the human givens approach.

Anyone who has successfully completed and passed the practitioner level Part 3 qualification of the Human Givens Diploma (or the psychotherapeutic practice element of Module 4 of Nottingham Trent University's MA in Human Givens Psychotherapy) can be accredited to practice as a fully-qualified Human Givens Practitioner by fulfilling the requirements of Registered Membership of the Human Givens Institute.

Registered HGI Members are then entered onto its online register of human givens therapists to receive referrals. This professional register is independently accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority.

View HGI Register Requirements Policy

– Important information

You must pass Part 2 and have completed Part 1, before taking Part 3 of the HG Diploma. You then have 24 months from the final date that you completed your Part 2 examination to either submit your films of therapeutic practice, along with your case notes etc, to the Human Givens College for assessment, or attend the new Part 3 Week.

If you haven’t taken Part 3 before the 24 months deadline has passed, you will need to either facilitate on the 2-week diploma course or re-attend the following training days before proceeding:

Please note: If you wish to take Part 3 to become fully qualified to practice as a human givens psychotherapist/counsellor and be listed on the HGI's PSA accredited Register, you must complete all of Part 1 within eighteen months of finishing Part 2.


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