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Course structure

The Human Givens Diploma has been designed to provide a flexible, part-time course, which makes it ideal for career development as it can easily fit around your existing commitments and be completed at a pace that suits you. The course comprises of three stages (see below).

You can apply to the course whenever you feel ready, however we always recommend that you attend at least a couple of the seminars, workshops or online courses that make up Part 1 of the Diploma before doing so, to make sure that our training is right for you.


Taking the course up to Practitioner Level (Part 3), enables you to practice as a fully-qualified human givens therapist and be included on the Human Givens Institute's (HGI's) Professional Register of HG therapists – which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

This Mark of Quality assures the general public, service commissioners and employers that human givens practitioners belong to a register vetted and approved by an independent statutory body

The 3 stages of the Diploma Course:

  1. Part 1 – This consists of eight online courses and eight attended courses (view all). Students are also expected to do additional home study, there is a Diploma Reading List, and work practice of the skills they are learning.
  2. Part 2 – The intensive two-week 'diploma' course, which includes a two-hour written examination and ongoing assessment of observation skills, clinical understanding and therapeutic ability. The two weeks are run roughly a month apart. (View dates)
  3. Part 3 – The practitioner’s practical assessment – successful completion of this practitioner’s level Human Givens qualification enables you to apply for inclusion on the HGI’s Professional Register of Human Givens Practitioners, which is accredited in the UK, by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).

During the Diploma, observation skills, clinical understanding and therapeutic ability are also tested for. Part 2 allows students to gain further indepth knowledge about the human givens approach and how best to subtly combine the knowledge and range of skills taught on our one- and two-day courses.

The full diploma programme typically takes up to two years to complete. People with natural ability and aptitude often find they progress quickly through the course, but anyone who feels they need more time and experience can move through the course at a speed that suits them.

Because of the thorough grounding the diploma provides in essential psychological knowledge and therapeutic skills (always presented in clear, non-jargonistic language) it is suitable for anyone wishing to make a career change as well as those who want to increase and develop further the skills and knowledge they already have.

If you wish to take the Part 3 practitioner level qualification to become eligible to be listed on the HGI's PSA accredited Register, you must complete all of Part 1 within eighteen months of finishing Part 2.

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If you would like to know more about the course, or would like to discuss your options in more detail before applying, please don't hesitate to contact the College Registrar, Mark Thomas, on 01323 811690 or via email, registrar@humangivenscollege.com.



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