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The Human Givens Institute (HGI) is the professional body of human givens therapists and its website also has lots of useful information about emotional health, and a range of articles about new insights, case histories and how the human givens approach has been used to improve outcomes in a wide range of fields. Please visit their website at:  www.hgi.org.uk

Human Givens online courses: www.hgonlinecourses.com

Online register of human givens therapists and counsellors: www.hgi.org.uk/register/

Read the seminal book on the HG approach:  
Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking

For a wide selection of related publications, including the seminal books about the approach, visit HG Publishing's website at:   www.humangivens.com

The Human Givens Foundation (Registered Charity): www.hgfoundation.com

Read the Family Therapy Magazine article about the human givens approach to treating depression.

Read the interview with our course director Joe Griffin in New Scientist magazine

Read the Washington Times' article and interview with Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin talking about the human givens approach

Click here to download a PDF version of a major article about the Human Givens Approach which appeared in The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (Vol. 21, No. 1).

Read the Financial Times Magazine's spotlight article on Joe Griffin

Listen to Dr Raj Persaud's interview with Joe Griffin about our 'How to lift depression' workshop on BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'

The Human Givens Charter: www.humangivenscharter.com

The HG College's training is recommended by the Primary Mental Health and Education (PRIMHE) - working for better primary care in mental health: www.primhe.org.uk

The Human Givens network in Australia: www.humangivens.com.au


Depression from the Human Givens approach: www.lift-depression.com

A site dedicated to Cannabis-induced Caetextia Theory, a model first published in Human Givens Vol. 18, No 4, 2011 which seeks to explain the paradoxical effects of cannabis use: www.cannabis-induced-caetextia.com

Our grateful thanks to Hudoq Digital Media Ltd for the photography on this site: www.hudoq.com and to our many delegates who were happy to be models.

Further Links — click here for a constantly growing directory of additional links. Please note: Human Givens College are not responsible for the content of external sites.



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