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'Just What We Need'
– the human givens programme for parents
An innovation that is transforming the lives of children nationwide

It is becoming clear that many emotional difficulties that children experience in school and later life stem from a lack of parental knowledge about innate emotional needs. When parents do not have this understanding about themselves they cannot ensure that these needs are met in their own lives, let alone the lives of their children.

Without a reasonable degree of understanding about their own psychology and behaviour, parents struggle to provide the environment and parenting that their children need to flourish.

The 'Just What We Need' human givens programme for parents is successfully addressing this problem and giving often difficult-to-reach parents genuine insight into their innate emotional needs and how these are connected to mental well-being, behaviour and the healthy development of their children, through recognising that their children have the same needs.

Based on sound human givens principles, and using fun activities and exercises, this 12-session programme has revealed a deep hunger for practical psychological knowledge among these parents and showed how their awareness, self-esteem and confidence is improved dramatically by taking part.

Many of the parents joining the programme have been young, single mums experiencing depression, who by becoming part of a 'Just What We Need' parent pod quickly came out of depression, describing the experience as life transforming and "better than counselling".

As we all find it hard to think clearly or to take on board new information when we are highly emotionally aroused (anxious, depressed, angry etc.), parents are encouraged to participate in simple relaxation exercises, which they can use at home, and are shown the effects on our thinking of raised emotional levels.
Remarkably, there have been no drop outs to date, once the course has started. And many participants are finding that the 'Just What We Need' programme really is what they need to build their confidence and recognise their own capacity to be a parent.

Others have found that it proved to be the perfect springboard, enabling them to go on to successfully complete courses which focus more specifically on parenting skills, and helping them to get the most out of those too.

The programme is run by fully-qualified human givens psychotherapists who have a thorough understanding of the emotional distress many parents experience and are also able to help immediately with therapeutic intervention should it become necessary. They are supported by at least one human givens trained facilitator.



Further information
Read the 'Just What We Need' article by Linda Hoggan and Carmen Kane which originally appeared in the Human Givens Journal, Vol 15, No 2.

If you would like to commission the 'Just What We Need' programme for parents in your area, please call Kathy Hardy on 01323 811690




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