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“Very interesting and engaging. Richard Brook clearly has a huge amount of knowledge and experience and was very approachable. A great use of case histories and lots of practical skills and ideas I can use immediately. Thank you.”
Youth Offending Team Practitioner

“Brilliant! I'm taking away a much greater understanding of the brain's role in creating disturbed behaviour. Really useful insights.”

“Excellent techniques which can be easily transferred into working practice.”
Education Welfare Officer

“This is the most inspirational training I have ever had – I had no idea that even severe trauma could be dealt with quite so effectively and safely. More people need to know about this version of the rewind technique and Joe Griffin's wonderfully sensible and humane way of helping people.”
General Practitioner

“Some great new practical skills to help support both children and familes. Miriam's workshop has also enhanced my knowledge and skills in talking to young people about their emotional needs.”
School Nurse

“Thank you for an inspirational and very relevant workshop – both professionally and personally – lots of new information to work with and new tools for my toolbox.”
Health Promotions Specialist

“Extremely in-depth and yet enjoyable, I've learnt so much in only one day.”
Social Worker

“The practical exercises are very useful to have as resouces to use with young people. Lots of new approaches to try and very relevant to my work.”
Connexions Personal Advisor

“So many ground-breaking ideas, all put in simple, manageable terms it just feels like such common sense. Brilliant!”
Support and advisory service

“Very useful, especially the section about dementia. And a brilliant collection of research which fits into the human givens framework and further proves the human givens approach makes sense.”
Daughter of a mother with dementia

“A very interesting and refreshing explanation of how psychosis and PTSD can develop and can be successfully treated.”
Consultant Psychiatrist



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